Kururrungku Catholic School

Two-Way Learning

Kururrungku Catholic School
Billiluna Station via Halls Creek
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Welcome to the Kururrungku Catholic Education Centre website.

At Kururrungku we teach the ‘Jesus’ way and the ‘Aboriginal’ way. Both are respected in the spirit of two-way learning, to develop the total person. Our aim is to guide each individual to walk tall and proud, and to develop into the person they were created to be.

The Dreamtime story of Kururrungku tells that Kururrungku is a resting place. The community has a gentle spirit which is comfortable to live in, and for those of us that are working here, we have much to learn from calm pace of the people.

Our education program strives to honour the culture in which we live, and teach Standard Australian English through all learning areas, giving the students tools to stay steadfast to their heritage and to participate in modern society. Our education program’s success is dependent on the assistance of the local staff members who guide us in matters of lore and culture, and the parents who are the first educators of our students.

Ngarpu (God) sent the Holy Spirit down to us in Kururrungku to keep us strong.

It is an honour to be leading Kurrurungku Catholic Educaiton Centre, Billiluna. You are welcome to share the story of our school.

Warm wishes,
Naomi Martin

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